Stay healthy by Eating an Apple a day

“An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away” famous old proverb we all read and heard from our parents, teachers, elders.

Apple contains 17% of fibre and most nutritious fruit.  Eating one apple daily helps us to prevent various diseases like constipation, anaemia, Parkinson, Alzheimer, stomach, heart, and liver disorders.

Apple is a kind of daily health home remedies eating daily helps in lowering the risk of rheumatism, a variety of cancers, gout disease, eye disorders.

For daily health an Apple provides relief from dysentery, reducing weakness, and promoting digestion.

Apples also help in skin and dental care.

These delicious, mouth-watering, and juicy fruits are most popular all over the world and from ages it has quenched our thirst and boost our daily health-giving adequate nutrition to our body.

Apple comes in three variants of colours, red, yellow and green.  It has more than 7500 varieties.

Nutrition in Apple

Calorie: 95

Vitamin A, E, B1,B2 & B6= under 4%

Vitamin C 14%

Phosphorus 2%

Zinc 1%

Thiamin 2%

Niacin 1%

Folate  1%

magnesium 2%

After all the great quotes “An apple a day keep doctors away” old proverb

The amount of vitamin and minerals present in an apple is due to the good amount of vitamin and minerals present in the apples actually keeps the doctors away.

Weight loss

Studies have shown that after eating an apple, the body metabolism speeds up resulting in the fast burning of calories, which is a good sign for people who want to reduce their weight. Together with an apple as a diet and daily drinking water for weight loss also help to reduce weight.

Skin care

To enhance our beauty, make a paste of apple, honey, and milk.  Use this paste to apply to your skin to get glowing skin.  Since an apple benefits for skin has powerful antioxidants when used on skin counteracts in wrinkles, premature ageing, etc.

Nutritional benefits

Helps in digestion:- due to the sufficient amount of fibre present in the apple helps in prevention of constipation, disorders of the stomach and smooth bowl functioning


Eating fruits is a good habit.  Moreover eating seasonal fruit provides a sufficient amount of nutrition and minerals required for our body.  This keeps our stomach is a good shape and healthy body.  Our body gets the optimum amount of nutrition, minerals only when we eat fruits daily.

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