Stay Hydrated: Drink Cucumber water


Travelling in Delhi NCR or any metropolis cities is a very difficult task with long hours of traffic jam for daily commuters. With the pollution level reaching the PM 2.5 level, inhaling polluted air affects the body,  as well as the immune system.

Staying hydrated is important for maintaining good health.  Most of us are so busy in our work that we forget even to drink a glass of water throughout in the day.  Sipping cucumber water is delicious and easy to prepare at home.

Cucumber water is delicious with flavor a perfect solution.

Cucumber water can be made easily at home.  You can also serve to your guests by adding other ingredients


  1. One cucumber
  2. Drinking water in a jar (1ltr jar)
  3. Mint leaves, citrus ( to add flavor)


  1. Wash the cucumber to remove any bacteria from the skin.
  2. Peel the skin with the peeler
  3. Cut the cucumber into slices
  4. Cut the mint and citrus into small slices (to add flavor)
  5. Put the cucumber into the jar along with mint and citrus.
  6. Keep the jar in the refrigerator until it gets cool.
  7. For instant serving, you can put the ice into the jar.

Now your cucumber water is ready for drinking.


  1. Antioxidants
  2. Healthy skin
  3. Boost bone health
  4. Hydrated
  5. Weight loss


Give it a try, don’t wait, check yourself! Start today and see the amazing results within a month.

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