How to  generate lead for a marketing institute.

 How to generate a lead for a marketing institute.

Once you open institute for digital marketing training to students and professionals, generating leads is one of the difficult tasks.  Most entrepreneurs invest a lot of money in various types of advertisements like display of signboards outside in market places, distributing pamphlets and brochures in public and outside schools, colleges and universities.   By investing and time-consuming work but still difficult to get ROI.

Let me present you some of the methods which are very cost effective and also successful in generating leads.

These channels have minimum investment and I believe will give good returns for digital marketing institute.

 E-mail Marketing

One of the best channel of lead conversion.  40% of B2B of marketers rated that e-mail marketing is the best lead generation tool in acquiring new customers than any twitter or facebook.

Create an e-mail from your institute with offers and early enrollment benefits.  Once you have the list you can send to all your targeted and relevant audience who are searching for pursuing courses.

 SMS Marketing

We all use mobile as a communication channel.  With the advancement in technology, smartphones have brought revolution in the web world.   Today mobile has become the most effective tool. through SMS marketing or text marketing, you can target the right audience and potential audience relevant to your business.

As per the statistics published, there are 460 million internet users in India.  The second largest internet users market online in the world.  And it is expected to reach 635.8 million by the year 2021 in India itself.

smart phone users in India

As per the statistics above this a wide range of scope for lead generation through SMS and mobile internet advertisements.

 Content Marketing

The toughest task to generate a lead is through content marketing.  Content creation is an inbound method where you create content for the interest of your audience and you have to do it through organic way through Google Search.

From my point of view, the experiment is the best way through content marketing.  create various copies of the content.  Use your content in infographics, podcasts, white papers and see which content attract a number of visitors leading to conversions.  through an analytic tool, you can track your content performance and then the best performing one can be used more often.

 Social Media Marketing

Mixed views have been observed with social media marketing.  some business gets good results and some business doesn’t get  ROI.  Though social media is a very effective and efficient platform provided it should be used specifically for the target audience.

Create appealing info-graphics, images and call to action with some benefits, for example, free e-books, and discount coupons to attract more visitors.

Attracting the right audience is most important for the success of your business.

 Landing pages of your website/blogs

Website is the best way to generate lead.  Each page must be created as a landing page with a call to action (CTA).  Landing page generates ideal traffic because it is sleek, short, and appealing giving targeted information relevant to an audience searching on the website.

 Other ways

  • Contact coaching centres in an around your location. Get the data of students specially engg. Students who are applying and want to add extra skills in their professional portfolio.
  • Use yellow pages
  • Use job portals to generate leads. For example, post an ad for summer training or internship for students.
  • generate an enquiry form in your website with eye-catching CTA (call to action) button.
  • create blogs, ebooks and knowledgeable content on your website or blog to get visitors to know what you are giving and the benefits they get from your institute.
  • create subscriber list through your blog and consistently send updates and offer or downloadable free ebooks.
  • you can use Pinterest with attractive images.
  • Create hashtags and share on Instagram about your training institute courses.
  • create beautiful, appealing infographics and share on blogs, facebook, etc.

You can also get paid traffic on the website

  • google ads
  • facebook ads
  • linked in ads


To conclude target the relevant audience for example students, people who are looking for pursuing digital marketing courses, who want to learn and enhance their skills, etc.

Do some SEO work on your meta description, meta tags, search engine optimization keywords to attract a relevant audience to your website through landing pages.

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