Salad: Eating in Style Creating Healthy habits


Salad bar for healthy habits

“Bad habits are easily built, but takes time to build a good habit”

Eating a healthy salad diet may be very difficult for our taste buds.  As we all love to eat foods that are mouth-watering, chewy with lavished ingredients.

Just imagine!  Eating salad with the same feeling, how mouth-watering would be.

Here is a salad menu which will give you chewy mouth watering feeling when you eat. Green leafy salads eating daily helps you in maintaining a good healthy habit.

Salad eating benefits

  1. Lowers cholesterol level In our body.
  2. Contains adequate quantity of dietary fibre.
  3. Enhance beauty
  4. Improves vitamins and minerals
  5. Detox body


When I travel to other states I mostly eat salads making myself.


  1. Cucumber- One cucumber cut into small slices
  2. Carrot – One carrot cut into small slices
  3.  beetroot- one beetroot cut into small slices
  4. lemon juice
  5. black pepper
  6. pinch of salt

mix all the ingredients together and your delicious healthy salad is ready to eat.

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